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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Surgery is postponed...

Elizabeth's admission and testing last week went well. She was in the OR longer than
expected and had a bit of trauma to her colon due to the procedure of
catheter placement being more difficult than usual. this caused extra bleeding and
pain, but she is fine. once again, she showed us all that
is more than amazing in her strength to get through painful,
horrible things. She did it though and now we can put the
awful testing away until the next time.
We were happy to be able to get an unexpected discharge so that
we could be home for the weekend. We headed back to Los Angeles
yesterday in preparation for her scheduled colon surgery today....
but tonight we are home. She is too sick with a sinus infection (and cough)
and the surgical team felt it too unsafe to put her through the surgery today.
It is hard to be mentally and emotionally prepared for such a big surgery and then
have a change in plans, but there's no way she should have gone to the OR today.
She's on a heavy course of antibiotics and, because she can't seem to stay well for
very long, she will have surgery as soon as this course of antibiotics is finished in order
to head into surgery her best and not risk being sick post-op.
Elizabeth handled the frustration of postponing it better than I did. She did voice to all
that she will now not have surgery before her birthday; she's spent birthdays and holidays
in the hospital and if she has a say -which she does- she will not be behind the glass on
July 16th. Surgery is scheduled for the 17th.
The bone marrow biopsy will be done at that time as well.
We just have to trust that His timing is best and be patient.
I'll update more soon.

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